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Trial Run

Trial Run

Why pick one scent when you can try them all? Figure out which is your favorite in our mini variety pack. You'll receive 1 wipe in each of these scents; Coconut, Tea Tree, Citrus, Peppermint, Lavender and Scent-Free. 6 total wipes!

 In a pinch for time? This puppy allows you to stay clean and smelling fresh, all without the shower.  Throw these convenient sized packs of refreshing wipes in any bag for easy access wherever you go. Wipe all the grime and sweat off quickly, and get on with your day. 

       Each wipe is 11"x11"and enhanced with Aloe and Witch Hazel for cooling comfort and a Chamomile/Calendula blend to give you that soothing effect as're welcome. Not to mention and introducing; sweet chestnut leaf extract. This ingredient helps your skin stay healthy and battle staph infections. 


Made out of wood pulp and plant fibers. Fully biodegradable, yet strong and won't fall apart on you.


11”x11” (when unrolled)
6.5”x1.75” (in individual packaging)

Care Instructions

Shelf life of 3 years, unopened.
Crack open a wipe and enjoy the sweet smell and moisture it can bring for hours.
With zero alcohol in them our wipes will not dry out fast.
Safe for everywhere on your body, from your face all the way down to your toes.
PH Balanced
Do not flush
100% Biodegradable

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The Shower on the Go

Klean Freak Wipes

  • Tough enough for a whole body wipe down without falling apart.
  • Textured to remove all the dirt and grime much quicker.
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Huge 11x11 size
  • 6 refreshing scents + scent free.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Feeling Klean and Smelling Great!

I've tried another brand of body wipes but it made me smell too... ripe forest like. So I thought I'd give Klean Freak a go and I LOVE it! Not only are the wipes BIG enough to handle my whole body, it smells fantastic! It's not too strong either and I have sensitive skin and had no issues!

Kenneth M. Lunsford
Ist time trial run

Worked great, they cleaned me up afyer a muddy bike ride, good enough not to dirty up my car. Thank you.


These are amazing! I love all the scents and are PERFECT or on the go, camping, traveling, or just keeping in the car. My son has SUPER sensitive skin and these are amazing for him as well. A new must have for me!!

Alex M.
Great on the go for the active lifestyle

I got the wipes kind of on a whim but have been extremely satisfied with them and they are now a staple for my gym bag, camper, and for going anywhere during the summer. I take them with me to use after long tail runs before I hop back in the car so the family can doesn't smell like a gym. They're great for hot days at Disney walking around and prefect for camping. Great product, leaves me feeling way cleaner after being soaked in sweat. Best alternative to a shower and I don't feel sticky afterwards.

Ashlyn Reeder

My hubby and I are big dirtbike riders and we have loved using them after rides!!! You never want to get into your clean truck after a very dirty ride. We wipe ourselves down and smell so good and feel so clean after. We have them in all our cars!