The Jug

Klean Freak


The Jug...made for all of those high traffic areas. Have your own in house gym, kids or going camping? Maybe you want this jug under your sink just because you are that big of a Klean Freak.  

Jug Details

  • 120 wipes (all wipes in same bag)
  • 6”x11” size wipe
  • 7.5” tall x 7” wide Jug

See our video on "How to Open The Jug" for help on the best way to keep the wipes feeding through properly.

Benefits of each scent

Tea Tree

  • Gets rid of microorganisms that cause body odor
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Can be a natural remedy for eczema and/or psoriasis


  • Hydrates skin (including those who have eczema or psoriasis)
  • Anti-microbial, helps block the growth of bacteria 
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory


  • Elevates your mood
  • Acne eliminator 
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory


  • Helps soothe muscle pain
  • Can give relief from headaches
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Has a cooling effect that can soothe irritation/itching and inflammation caused by acne


  • Odor eliminator
  • Up-wind approved
  • Hydrates skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory


  • DRY SKIN. Lavender in your skincare products can help to equalize the skin’s pH balance
  • Promotes relaxation in your body and mind
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 36 reviews
    Cody Stephens
    Best Wipes Ever!

    The Jugs are great so convenient for after a workout or in the car for after a good trail run. 🙌 amazing.

    Use them daily!

    These wipes are simply the best. Big enough to clean more than just my face. Smell so good. And antibacterial for those dirty gyms! Love.

    Lindsay Zook

    They smell amazing the they’re so usefully big. Perfect for my upcoming camping trip. Love that they’re biodegradable.

    Jeremy G.

    What a great versatile product! If you havent ordered yet, you def. should!

    My new favorite camp product!

    I am so glad I got a chance to try these at the Big Sky Total Archery Challenge! I purchased several scented ones for myself for camping and hiking adventures. I am sensitive to strong smells, so I am always skeptical of scented things, but these are subtle and smell lovely. I also purchased a large tub of unscented wipes for our kids' camps. We have Outdoor Skills Camps for youth ages 11-16 and they go 4 days and 3 nights without bathing. These were great available for the campers, and I appreciated being able to get the unscented ones since we are in bear country. I also LOVE that the wipes are biodegradable!