The Filler

Klean Freak


Already have the Jug but don't need the container in your order? We've got you! This guy is what's on the inside and perfect for you to toss back into your Jug

Filler Details

  • 120 wipes (all wipes in same bag)
  • 6”x11” size wipe
  • 7.5” tall x 7” wide Jug

Benefits of each scent

Tea Tree

  • Gets rid of microorganisms that cause body odor
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Hydrates your skin
  • Can be a natural remedy for eczema and/or psoriasis


  • Hydrates skin (including those who have eczema or psoriasis)
  • Anti-microbial, helps block the growth of bacteria 
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory


  • Elevates your mood
  • Acne eliminator 
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory


  • Helps soothe muscle pain
  • Can give relief from headaches
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Has a cooling effect that can soothe irritation/itching and inflammation caused by acne


  • DRY SKIN. Lavender in your skincare products can help to equalize the skin’s pH balance
  • Promotes relaxation in your body and mind
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory


  • Odor eliminator
  • Up-wind approved
  • Hydrates skin
  • Anti-Inflammatory

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heath Dawson
Exactly As Described

The filler was perfect for when I ran out of wipes in my original tub. Shipping was fast and easy. 10/10 recommend!

Never misses

Klean Freak wipes are the bomb. I use them after almost every WOD and they keep me from stinking up the car. They work great when I head next door to the brewery for a pint afterwards

Took on Trek

With no water but only to drink these wipes were the best! It was hot and we got dirty and sweaty and I loved the peppermint wipes they felt so good to use after a hot day Trekking!

Best smell, works so great!

I am such a fan of the Coconut scented Klean Freak wipes. I've been using Klean Freak for around a year now and they are the best! I work out in my garage gym and it's HOT in there so I appreciate the cool, refreshing scent and the fact that the wipes are disposable. Just stocked up so that I don't run out!