Mixed Bag o' 12

Klean Freak


Why pick one scent when you can try them all? Figure out which is your favorite in our variety pack. 

 In a pinch for time? This puppy allows you to stay clean and smelling fresh, all without the shower.  Throw these convenient sized packs of refreshing wipes in any bag for easy access wherever you go. Wipe all the grime and sweat off quickly, and get on with your day. 

       Each wipe is enhanced with Aloe and Witch Hazel for cooling comfort and a Chamomile/Calendula blend to give you that soothing effect as well...you're welcome. Not to mentioned and introducing; sweet chestnut leaf extract. This ingredient helps your skin stay healthy and battle staph infections.

Size of wipe

  • 11”x11” (when unrolled)
  • 6.5”x1.75” (in individual packaging)
  • 7"x 9" (12 pack pouch)

Scents in the Mixed 12 pack

  • Coconut (2)
  • Tea Tree (2)
  • Citrus (2)
  • Peppermint (2)
  • Lavender (2)
  • Scent-Free (2)


Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
So fresh!

I love these cleansing wipes! They saved me after having surgery when I wasn't able to shower. I like to keep one in my gym bag and running vest in case I need to stop somewhere else before going home to shower!

The Best!!

I play roller derby, trail skate, and take a HITT class. Needless to say, I get pretty gross. These wipes are amazing! I use them when I don’t have time to take a shower or to defunk before my drive home. I feel and smell completely refreshed after using them :) Also love that they’re cruelty free!

Nicole Wicklund
Does what they’re supposed to do and more

Bought this pack to use during a 3-day backpacking trip in CO. We had 2 overnights and used these in lieu of a bath and let me tell you, they were awesome. After carrying 35 lbs. over two mountain passes, I was not smelling like a rose, but these wipes left me refreshed and revived. My backpacking partner has been steadily working her way through the CO trail all summer and she raved this was hands-down, the best idea for getting clean after an arduous day of hiking. I will purchase again!

Jennifer Nelson
Amazing Wipes!

I love these wipes! Most importantly, they do an incredible cleaning job! I often have tough bike grease to try to remove and these wipes take it right off. Additionally, they leave my skin feeling soft and I absolutely love the different scent options as a bonus. My bike bag always has them in it now - thank you, Klean Freak!

Tim Klega
I’m a clean freak

I’m a clean freak so now I’m a Klean Freak!!! They are quick to get the product out to you and I’ve never used a better head to toe personal cleaning and refreshing towel ever!