Mixed Bag o' 12

Klean Freak


Why pick one scent when you can try them all? Figure out which is your favorite in our variety pack. 

 In a pinch for time? This puppy allows you to stay clean and smelling fresh, all without the shower.  Throw these convenient sized packs of refreshing wipes in any bag for easy access wherever you go. Wipe all the grime and sweat off quickly, and get on with your day. 

       Each wipe is enhanced with Aloe and Witch Hazel for cooling comfort and a Chamomile/Calendula blend to give you that soothing effect as well...you're welcome. Not to mentioned and introducing; sweet chetnut leaf extract. This ingredient helps your skin stay healthy and battle staph infections. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Sheri Anderson
Great product

Love these I have disabled son great to be able to wipe him down

Vern Brunton
Great product

I like to have these on hand after a long day riding. If I have to jump back into the car to get home, these at least take a layer of dirt and stink off me so I can enjoy a meal and get home with out offending myself.

Richard Gonzalez
Love these wipes

The wipes come in handy for on the go situations. I commute a lot on bike and touch many a dirty surface so it's nice to keep these wipes handy to clean off.

Sandra Gwilliam
The wipes are great

The wipes are a good size and I like having a variety of scents. I also like to give them as gifts to my children and grandchildren who ride mountain bikes and racing bikes. The individual packages are lightweight and easy to use on hot, dusty days. I especially like the sales that Klean Freak has occasionally. Now that I dare go to the gym, I will use them as a refresher for myself, too.

leanna tatone
Love them so far.

I go from the gym to work every morning. With no time to shower, these are a life saver.