Citrus Scented Body Wipe - 12 Pack

Klean Freak


Need a good mood enhancer in the late afternoon? Grab a citrus wipe! Citrus oil is known for its ability to elevate your mood. Crack open a wipe and wipe yourself down from head to toe.

Each wipe contains zero alcohol and is enhanced with Aloe and Witch Hazel for cooling comfort and a Chamomile/Calendula blend to give you that soothing effect as're welcome. Not to mention and introducing; sweet chestnut leaf extract. This ingredient helps your skin stay healthy and battle staph infections.

Size of wipe

  • 11”x11” (when unrolled)
  • 6.5”x1.75” (in packaging)
  • 7"x 9" (12 pack pouch)

Benefits of Citrus Oil

  • Elevates your mood
  • Acne eliminator
  • Natural anti-bacterial
  • Natural anti-inflammatory

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Chuck Foreman
Such a great product

We are an off road company made up of off road enthusiasts so we love to be out in the dirt. We don't love being dirty though. Klean Freak has given us the ability to look and feel better while still playing hard.

Mike Guerra
Klean Cops and Firefighters

Klean Freak Body Wipes are going to be handed out to the first responders attending the Nevada Police and Fire Games Bass Tournament.

Diana Brinkhof
Love them all.

I wish the delivery charges were a little less. I can't afford to buy as much as I would? The product is great.

Robert Greene
Fresh & Clean

Great smelling products, clients love it!

Very Fresh!!

These wipes were really great! The citrus smell is very clean and there isn’t a nasty residue after I use them. Will for sure be ordering again!