Bucket O' Wipes

Klean Freak


Are you a serious Klean Freak? Then this bucket is for you! This bucket comes with 60 individually wrapped wipes for on the go and easy storage. 

Customer Reviews

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Lizzy S.
You will never regret your purchase!

I am a sweaty human by nature and I have ALWAYS had issues with being in public after fitness, camping, hiking or just being out in the heat too long. I had previously tried baby wipes since in the Army that's what we use when in the field for several days. However, they leave you sticky & smelling like.. a diaper I guess. I found Klean Freak wipes about a year ago and they changed my life (does that seem dramatic? Well.. it's not). I use them honestly DAILY. And as a personal trainer, I hand them out to clients who have to run errands after their workout as well! You'll feel and smell fresh. Pro tip: try putting them in a cooler or refrigerator, it amplifies the refresh effect!

Ben D. Chlapek
Bucket O’ Wipes

Outstanding. Speedy delivery, great packing, troops love ‘em. Great for cleanup after working a fire. Thank you!

Caitlin Mundry
Great product!

Bought these for myself and also some for friends at the gym. They are great for a quick clean up and the scents leave your smelling fresh and refreshed.

Jonathan Obrecht

There is nothing bad to say about these wipes. They are amazing. You actually feel refreshed and clean after using them. No other product comes close to the caliber of comfort and cleanliness.

Chelsea Normand

I love my Klean Freak wipes. I always have one with me either to use on my 3 year old son, or after a nice work out. Feel so refreshed after using one! Coconut & tea tree are my absolute favorites!!