Lavender Scented Body Wipe - 12 Pack

Klean Freak


No matter how busy you are, how tired you’re feeling, or how far you are away from a shower, Klean Freak body wipes help you clean up and calm down. The pre-moistened, biodegradable wipes have an all-natural formula that instantly cleanses and promotes healthy skin. Close your eyes and breathe in the calming, gentle scent of natural lavender oil, then get right back to the action!


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rich Bardol
Great product

These are convenient and easy to carry around and use. They smell great!

Robert Greene

Great smell, after a hard workout

Charlotte Ochs
Repeat customer

I love the smell of lavender and these wipes are the perfect lavender scent. They are also the perfect size. Best wipes on the market!

Reggie Manley
Ain't no baby wipes!!!

and that's a good thing!! an amputee...and working in the heat of summer...Klean Freak gets the job done when I need to pull my leg off and wipe the sweat away...the lavender is a great refreshing change ...and feels alot cleaner than a baby wipe!!...feels so much better and a nice clean smell...thanks for a great product....not sure if anyone has thought of using these for this purpose...but they get the job done in a very good have a question there any Klean Freak sti kers with a logo....I need some for my gun cases and various outdoor products I use....take em to the range when shooting or scent free when hunting...same results...great clean up and refreshed to keep on keeping on!!!..thanks again..


Julia Fresso
Love these wipes!!!

Since I don’t always have a chance to jump in the shower right after my workout or I just have a super sweaty workout these wipes have been skin savers. They smell great and don’t irritate my skin. I love them and have been sharing them with everyone!!!